Elise- Lubbock, Texas Children’s Photographer

A few weeks ago, I took pictures of this gorgeous girl!!! She turned 13 and so we just had to celebrate!!! And my goodness, she just glowed next to all of those beautiful pink flowers!!C21A4829_0016 C21A4831_0018 C21A4865_0037 C21A4887_0052 C21A4908_0065 C21A4925_0079 C21A4946_0096 C21A4949_0099 C21A4964_0107 C21A4967_0108 C21A4978_0117

Abbey- Lubbock, Texas Children’s Photographer

A few weeks ago, I got to take these absolutely adorable pictures of Miss Abbey!! Her sweet momma knew exactly what she had in mind for the session and it was all around this absolutely beautiful Well Dressed Wolf dress!! This cute little tea party could not have gone any better!!!! And I am telling you, Abbey sure did rock this dress!!! It just looked gorgeous on her!!! Enjoy!















Angie & Taylor – Houston, Texas Engagement Photographer

While I was in Houston visiting a few weeks ago, Angie and Taylor had asked me to take their engagement pictures!!! I went to high school and college with both of these sweet lovebirds and pretty much sat next to Taylor our ENTIRE elementary, middle and high school years in homeroom! Taylor’s last name is Currell and my maiden name was Curtis, so needless to say, we were for real buds!! I was super excited when they asked me to take their pictures too because when I come home to visit, I really don’t take sessions! And especially in downtown Houston! I may have lived there for most of my life, but I have been gone for 10 years and a lot has changed since then! I have absolutely no idea where I am going when I go downtown or where cool things are, so thank goodness I had some pretty cool tour guides! I had a blast during their session and I cannot wait to see them tie the knot in Mexico next February!! Yep, destination wedding for these two!!! And it is going to be beautiful!!!!! And I actually convinced my hubs to go!! Yay!!! Viva la Mexico!!!! C21A3890_0003 C21A3894_0006 C21A3905_0013 C21A3916_0019 C21A3963_0044 C21A3973_0051 C21A3982_0056 C21A3985_0058 C21A3988_0061 C21A3991_0064b&w C21A3998_0067 C21A4023_0078 C21A4030_0084 C21A4037_0089 C21A4047_0098 C21A4056_0106 C21A4058_0108 C21A4065_0113 C21A4080_0123 C21A4094_0134 C21A4114_0146 C21A4119_0151 C21A4146_0166 C21A4152_0170 C21A4159_0175 C21A4191_0191 C21A4193_0192 C21A4210_0205 C21A4219_0213 C21A4229_0217 C21A4253_0237 C21A4262_0244 C21A4275_0256 C21A4282_0263 C21A4299_0277 C21A4305_0283

Moira <3 Lubbock, Texas Senior Photographer

A few weeks ago, I got my first senior session of the year!! And oh my goodness the pictures could not have turned out more perfect!!! It didn’t hurt to have this gorgeous girl modeling for me though!! She totally rocked her session!!! And she also has her very own jewelry line that she designs herself!! All of the pieces are to.die.for!!! You can check out her shop HERE! In the meantime, enjoy all her gorgeous pictures!! C21A2941_0024 C21A2945_0027 C21A2953_0029 C21A2965_0034 C21A2986_0045 C21A2996_0049 C21A3001_0053 C21A3046_0077 C21A3076_0091 C21A3078_0092 C21A3085_0096 C21A3110_0108 C21A3112_0110 C21A3125_0115 C21A3155_0131 C21A3158_0133 C21A3163_0135 C21A3213_0161b&w C21A3264_0186 C21A3296_0204 C21A3308_0209 C21A3319_0213 C21A3323_0216 C21A3398_0253 C21A3411_0261 C21A3450_0280 C21A3454_0283 C21A3461_0287 C21A3470_0294

Angie & Taylor~ Houston, Texas Engagement Photographer

While I am in Houston for the week, some of my dear friends from high school asked me to take their engagement pictures in downtown Houston!! And I jumped on the opportunity!!!! I don’t get many engagements, especially in my hometown!!!! I’m usually just so busy with family stuff and under a time crunch! But this time, I am here for over a week, so I was so excited!!!!! Angie and Taylor are getting married next February in Mexico and I cannot wait to witness them making it official!!!! Here are just a few sneaks of my favorites from their session!! Love you two lovebirds!!!!! ❤
C21A3894_0006 C21A3909_0015 C21A3944_0031 C21A4058_0108 C21A4262_0244 C21A4263_0245 C21A4279_0260 C21A4298_0276

Sneak Peek- Lubbock, Texas Children’s Photographer

Here are a few sneaks from these adorable cuties!!!!!! Sweet baby Jane was 14 days new! More to come!C21A2826_0204C21A2747_0139

Reese- Lubbock, Texas Children’s Photographer

Because best friends still want to cuddle, even when you are sick ❤C21A2893_0005