Becca- Lubbock, Texas Senior Photographer

Meet gorgeous Rebecca!!!!!! I took her older sister Julianna’s pictures over two years ago and feel so blessed that we kept in contact over the years!! She modeled for one of my styled photoshoots for a boutique out of Austin and just looked so beautiful!! I was beyond excited when she asked me to take her Texas Tech Senior photos! And oh my goodness they turned out absolutely beautiful!! Becca took a Child life Specialist job all the way in Houston, so I am super sad she will be leaving!!! But I am so excited for her new journey!! She is going to be amazing with all those kids!!C21A0009_0023 C21A0066_0047 C21A0084_0062 C21A0117_0082 C21A0189_0122 C21A0281_0170b&w C21A0333_0208 C21A0341_0213 C21A0359_0223 C21A0382_0239 C21A0406_0256 C21A0416_0265 C21A0434_0280 C21A0436_0282b&w C21A0474_0310 C21A0493_0325 C21A0531_0354 C21A0548_0366 C21A0565_0380 C21A0586_0392 C21A0598_0399 C21A0608_0409 C21A0628_0427 C21A0643_0439 C21A0665_0454 C21A0670_0457 C21A0695_0470


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