Roberson Family- Lubbock, Texas Family Photographer

These people are some of our very very best friends!!! I took this shoot on to help Craig out since he was building a parade house in Lubbocks Parade of Homes 2015! We blew up a bunch of canvases and hung them on the wall in the parade house to showcase my work!!!! We planned their outfits out to a T and it looked so perfect in the house!!!!!! I just love how all of these turned out!!!!

C21A7719_0008 C21A7738_0026 C21A7755_0043 C21A7769_0057 C21A7777_0065 C21A7787_0075 C21A7801_0088 C21A7823_0107 C21A7843_0120 C21A7862_0137 C21A7881_0153 C21A7923_0194 C21A7952_0224


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