Becca- Lubbock, Texas Senior Photographer

Meet gorgeous Rebecca!!!!!! I took her older sister Julianna’s pictures over two years ago and feel so blessed that we kept in contact over the years!! She modeled for one of my styled photoshoots for a boutique out of Austin and just looked so beautiful!! I was beyond excited when she asked me to take her Texas Tech Senior photos! And oh my goodness they turned out absolutely beautiful!! Becca took a Child life Specialist job all the way in Houston, so I am super sad she will be leaving!!! But I am so excited for her new journey!! She is going to be amazing with all those kids!!C21A0009_0023 C21A0066_0047 C21A0084_0062 C21A0117_0082 C21A0189_0122 C21A0281_0170b&w C21A0333_0208 C21A0341_0213 C21A0359_0223 C21A0382_0239 C21A0406_0256 C21A0416_0265 C21A0434_0280 C21A0436_0282b&w C21A0474_0310 C21A0493_0325 C21A0531_0354 C21A0548_0366 C21A0565_0380 C21A0586_0392 C21A0598_0399 C21A0608_0409 C21A0628_0427 C21A0643_0439 C21A0665_0454 C21A0670_0457 C21A0695_0470

Roberson Family- Lubbock, Texas Family Photographer

These people are some of our very very best friends!!! I took this shoot on to help Craig out since he was building a parade house in Lubbocks Parade of Homes 2015! We blew up a bunch of canvases and hung them on the wall in the parade house to showcase my work!!!! We planned their outfits out to a T and it looked so perfect in the house!!!!!! I just love how all of these turned out!!!!

C21A7719_0008 C21A7738_0026 C21A7755_0043 C21A7769_0057 C21A7777_0065 C21A7787_0075 C21A7801_0088 C21A7823_0107 C21A7843_0120 C21A7862_0137 C21A7881_0153 C21A7923_0194 C21A7952_0224

The Schafer Family- Lubbock, Texas Family Photographer

I have known Tessa since I moved here in Lubbock in 2005!!! Wow that is 10 years ago!!!! Crazy!!!! She is an AMAZING hair dresser and has done my hair since I moved here!!!! Her hubby works at the hospital I worked at for 5 years and was just a year behind me in nursing school!! And her kiddos Jersey and Daxton are seriously like THE CUTEST kids ever!!!!!C21A9581_0297 C21A9595_0311 C21A9598_0313 C21A9611_0326 C21A9624_0338 C21A9628_0343 C21A9632_0347b&w C21A9650_0365b&w C21A9675_0387 C21A9700_0406 C21A9711_0416 C21A9727_0432

Carter Family- Lubbock, Texas Family Photographer

A few weeks ago I offered a few summer mini sessions and one of my very bestest friends wanted in on all the fun!!! Her little girl Tatum is bff’s with my oldest Reese!!!!! It is so much fun to always watch them hang out together! Bri and I were also NICU nurses at our local hospital here and braved the horrible 2 years of nursing school together!!! I couldn’t have done it without her!!!! Love this sweet fam!C21A9442_0160C21A9439_0157 C21A9442_0160 C21A9450_0168 C21A9466_0184 C21A9469_0187 C21A9473_0191 C21A9482_0200 C21A9503_0221 C21A9507_0225 C21A9523_0241 C21A9532_0250

My Monkeys- Lubbock, Texas Children’s Photographer

Two little monkeys jumpin on the bed……. =)fave1

Avery, Peri and Adrian- Lubbock, Texas Senior Photographer

In honor of all the recent Texas Tech University graduates, here are a few of my favorites from a group senior session I did in April!! Avery, Peri and Adrian look absolutely gorgeous!!! Go Tech!!C21A5171_0007 C21A5178_0008 C21A5274_0070 C21A5278_0073 C21A5307_0098 C21A5378_0143 C21A5459_0196 C21A5460_0197 C21A5466_0203 C21A5490_0221 C21A5493_0223 C21A5515_0243 C21A5535_0262 C21A5597_0311 C21A5607_0320 C21A5629_0337 C21A5681_0375 C21A5740_0428

Campbell- Lubbock, Texas Children’s Photographer

Y’all…. this red hair is to die for!!! Just look how gorgeous Miss Campbell is!!!!! I just loved her little spunky personality and that she LOVES to play the guitar!!!!! I am so happy that she brought hers!!! You go girl!!C21A4986_0004 C21A4995_0011 C21A4998_0014 C21A5006_0020 C21A5024_0033 C21A5040_0042 C21A5047_0048 C21A5064_0056 C21A5073_0063 C21A5090_0073 C21A5107_0086 C21A5114_0093 C21A5132_0102 C21A5156_0119